South Beach Seafood Week       |       October 17 - 21       |       Miami Beach, Florida

Sobe Seafood Week: In The Kitchen with Papa’s Raw Bar and Take a Bite Out of Boca

Enjoy this In The Kitchen guest article by Take a Bite Out of Boca who got ready for the South Beach Seafood Festival with Chef Chad Wyrosdick of Papa’s Raw Bar.

As a Pescatarian, there’s one event in South Florida that couldn’t be more perfect for me (Shaina), and that’s Sobe Seafood Weekl! Once again, I’ll be returning to the main event, #SobeSeafood Fest, on Saturday, October 21st!

I am so ready to sink my toes in the sand, soak up that South Beach Miami sun, and enjoy aaaaall of the seafood, wine, cocktails and entertainment.

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What better way to gear up for this exciting day than to pregame for the festival with a visit to one of the participating restaurants?

I headed down to Papa’s Raw Bar, located in Lighthouse Point, and got a chance to chat with their chef.

Executive Chef Chad Wyrosdick

Chad grew up in Georgia, where his a tight knit family spent the weekends together in the kitchen. Cooking was a family affair for him; it symbolizes family bonding and bringing people together.

That same philosophy shines through in his cooking — you can really taste the love! This is Chad’s fourth season cooking at Papa’s Raw Bar, and second year bringing the deliciousness to the sand at Sobe Seafood Fest.

sobe seafood fest papas raw bar

I’m always curious to hear chefs’ first cooking memory, or rather, the first dish they remember cooking and being really proud of.

For Chad, it’s chicken francaise that he made while working at the now-closed Ocean Breeze Country Club under Chef Mark Gullisi.

At Papa’s Raw Bar, his favorite dish is the pork belly fried rice. The pork belly is braised for 4-5 hours, making it what he dubs a “fork job.” This means the super tender meat effortlessly shreds through the tines of your fork.

But even though Chad loves his pork belly, he is a true seafood lover at heart. Having grown up fishing and spearfishing, he knows the true behind-the-scenes aspect of the hard work and preparation that goes into it.

All About Oysters

Chef Chad says he especially likes oysters, which is evident from the menu at Papa’s Raw Bar. There are five different preparations:

  • char-grilled with parmesan
  • fried with chipotle mayo
  • char-grilled with blackened shrimp and parmesan
  • char-grilled with bacon and crumbled blue cheese
  • and fried with chorizo, queso fresco and jalapeño.

sobe seafood fest papas raw bar oysters

You can expect some seriously amazing seafood from Chef Chad at next weekend’s Sobe Seafood Fest. Find Chef Chad at #ChefShowdown on Friday, October 20th and at the Main Event on Saturday, October 21st.

Coming from a small town, Chef Chad is pretty amazed at how SO many people look forward to and come out for this event.

He’s excited to be involved again, and can’t wait to cook for you! While he won’t reveal what he’ll be cooking at the showdown in Battle Surf ’n Turf — that’s Top Secret — he did tell me what Saturday’s guests will have a chance to try.

At Papa’s Raw Bar’s, festival-goers will have their choice of:

  • shrimp sliders with kimchi slaw
  • coconut-breaded lobster slider on a fresh-made waffle with cilantro and key lime dressing
  • and of course…oyster shooters

Hold on one second while I wipe the drool from my chin…

Papa’s Raw Bar is the only participating restaurant to serve inside the GOYA Culinary Pavilion inside VIP Hospitality Village, giving VIP guests an extra special treat.

There, VIP guests can enjoy his scallop crude ceviche. Ceviche is definitely one thing Chef Chad knows how to do. At Papa’s Raw Bar, you can essentially build your own. Guests can “choose their catch” and then pick which style preparation they prefer.

sobe seafood fest papas raw bar ceviche


Saturday’s Main Event is one you do NOT want to miss. Papa’s Raw Bar is just one of the many amazing restaurants involved!

Get Ready for Sobe Seafood Fest

Chef Chad’s competing for the first time in the VIP #ChefShowdown on October 20th.

Editor’s Note: The Chef Showdown assembles 16 of Miami’s top executive chefs for an evening of competitive cook-offs where YOU are the judge. It’s a perfect combination of competition level cuisine, tropically fresh cocktails, and live entertainment! The Chef Showdown tours guests through the best of Miami’s culinary scene. This is a CAN’T miss experience for all.

You can find a schedule of events as well as purchase tickets here.

Make sure you use code ‘BITE’ at checkout for 20% off!

See you there,