South Beach Seafood Week       |       October 17 - 21       |       Miami Beach, Florida

South Beach Seafood Festival: In The Kitchen with Toro Toro and Mota Parla

Enjoy this In The Kitchen guest article by Stephanie Mota of Mota Parla who went behind the scenes with Chef Jean Delgado of Toro Toro as he gears up for the South Beach Seafood Festival.

As you know, the South Beach Seafood Festival is around the corner and what better way to get ready than with the Executive Chef of Toro Toro, Jean Delgado!

Chef Jean Delgado Toro Toro South Beach Seafood Festival 1

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Chef Jean Delgado is already revolutionizing the Pan Latin cuisine at the young age of 32.

Inspired by his Abuela’s cooking, he started his career by moving to New York. Chef Jean worked at the W Hotel for four years mastering the art of Western and Mediterranean cuisines.

Three months ago he moved to Miami to lead the Toro Toro kitchen.

Because he’s competing at #SobeSeafood Fest’s Chef Showdown, Chef Jean kept his seafood dishes under wraps and took me “backstage” for a real hands-on experience in the kitchen.

Chef Jean showcased three of Toro Toro’s top selling dishes.uses local, fresh ingredients to produce great tasting food. “It really does make a difference when you can see where your produce is coming from,” he says.

I can attest: It makes a difference indeed with the famous baby beet salad! Chef Jean set up the ingredients and showed us how to ensemble it with a beautiful presentation. This salad has the best burrata I’ve ever had.

Our next course was a juicy steak cooked on a wood burning rodizio and served on a sizzling skillet.

It was plated with this incredible secret sauce; I wanted the recipe but Chef Jean said it must remain a secret! The steak was delicious, juicy and full of flavor.

He shared some tips for cooking steak at home:

  • Sear both sides with a very hot pan.
  • Leave it 10 minutes on medium heat to cook through.
  • Season with salt and pepper…and that’s all!

The big finale was their top-selling dessert, the “La Bomba”. This dessert is prepared tableside for a majestic finish to an incredible meal.

Let me tell you:

This dessert is like nothing I’ve experienced before. It lives up to its name…It’s THE BOMB!

We start with a dark chocolate sphere. Chef Jean fills it with:

  • fresh berries
  • dulce de leche
  • strawberry ice cream
  • cream cheese mousse
  • and almond cookie crumbs

As if that weren’t enough, he then finishes it with caramel, a vanilla berry sauce and edible flowers!

Yes folks, it as decadent, intricate and delicious as it sounds.

I truly cannot wait to see what Chef Jean will be preparing when he competes at the Chef Showdown.

Editor’s Note: The Chef Showdown assembles 16 of Miami’s top executive chefs for an evening of competitive cook-offs where YOU are the judge. In a perfect combination of competition level cuisine, tropically fresh cocktails, and live entertainment, the Chef Showdown tours guests through the best of Miami’s culinary scene. This is a CAN’T miss experience for all.

And of course, you can find Chef Jean and his Toro Toro team at Saturday’s Main Event on October 21st: the South Beach Seafood Festival!

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You can find a schedule of events as well as purchase tickets here.


Until next time,

Mota Parla

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