Chef Spotlight

David Salinas

Joe’s Stone Crab

Grandfathered into the kitchens, Chef David Salinas started off his culinary career at the age of 18. Having worked at Joe’s Stone Crab for almost 20 years, he has become as much a staple as their famous mustard sauce. Colombian born and Miami raised, this Cordon Bleu alum has climbed the ranks in the kitchen. Under the tutelage of Executive Chef Andre Bienvenu, Chef David Salinas has grown an affinity for beef and especially dry-aging meat–which Chef David Salinas works on every day in one of South Florida’s biggest dry aging rooms at Joe’s Stone Crab.

About The Restaurant: Joe’s Stone Crab

For more than 100 years, no visit to Miami has been complete without stopping in at Joe’s Stone Crab. From the beginning, it has always been the love of food, family, and friends that has brought in customers and kept them coming. Whether it is for the fresh stone crabs or the signature key lime pie and everything in between, Joe’s Stone Crab has been a staple in Miami. The second highest grossing family owned restaurant in the United States, Joe’s is the place to be between October – May with summer menus available in June and July. Don’t try to make a reservation because they don’t take them–and if you don’t know the Maitre d’, there may be a 2 hour wait–but its all worth it once you put the bib on and dive in to the delicious fresh stone crabs at the famed Joe’s Stone Crab.