South Beach Seafood Festival       |       October 19-22, 2022       |       Miami Beach, Florida

It’s Lobster Season in Miami!

lobster roll from the Lobster Shack Miami

Best Place to Order + Tips for Cooking at Home

Hey Seafoodies – It’s our second favorite time of year, lobster season in Miami! Sure, lobster season doesn’t hold a candle to our all time favorite, stone crab season, but something about summer just calls for a fresh lobster roll or seafood boil! (Please, please don’t ruin lobster season for us, Coronavirus…)

In Florida, Lobster season comes in two parts: The full season is August 6 – March 31. But, there’s always a two-day mini season on the last consecutive Wednesday and Thursday in July to let the locals get ahead of the game. 

This year, mini season is July 29 – 30, according to Florida Fish and Wildlife. During this time, there is a daily bag limit of 6 spiny lobsters per person for Monroe County and Biscayne National Park (take heed Miamians) and a 12 per person limit for the rest of Florida.

But enough about that – let’s talk food, because if we’re being honest that’s why you’re still reading. We’ve listed a few of our absolute favorite lobster recipes below for cooking at home. Plus, we’re highlighting a few of our favorite Miami seafood restaurants that we know will be serving up some FIRE dishes, whether they are open for in-house dining or curbside and takeout. 

Here are some of our favorite lobster recipes:

Try one at your next *socially distanced* family dinner and pick up all your favorite ingredients at your local Milam’s Market

Lobster Mac & Cheese –  Lobster, pasta and cheese — just picturing the creamy blend will have your mouth watering! Add truffles or truffle oil if you’re trying to make things extra decadent. 

Best of Both Worlds Lobster Roll – This list wouldn’t be complete without a classic lobster roll recipe. This recipe tries to end the controversial debate of: to lettuce or not to lettuce? “Lettuce” know what you think after you give it a shot!

Buttery Lobster Tails from The Recipe Critic – Another classic, simplified! This one had us hooked at 10 minute prep time, 10 minute cook time. Perfect for a busy night when you still want to show off your skills in the kitchen. 

Lobster and Avocado Salad – It’s hard for lobster NOT to steal the show, but this refreshing end-of-summer salad is the side dish you’ve been craving. 

Miami Restaurants with Perfect Lobster Dishes currently open:

The Lobster Shack – when it’s in the name, you know it’s going to be great! Our friends at the lobster shack are up and running at both of their Miami Beach locations. For a classic with a twist, try the Cajun Lobster Roll. 

Next up, Rusty Pelican – The Rusty Pelican is open for outdoor and patio dining! Headed there for a small brunch to get out of the house? Don’t miss out on the Lobster Benedict. 

And finally, not only is Ella’s Oyster Bar back open for dine in service, they’re also offering an AMAZING takeout and curbside happy hour menu with lunch items starting at $10 on weekdays. Yes, that includes their tasty lobster bisque and bread. 

While this year’s South Beach Seafood Festival is currently up in the air, we hope we’ve been able to add a little lightness to the world during these trying times with our blogs and updates on social media. We’re doing everything we can to support our Miami seafood restaurant family, along with the entire Miami hospitality community. 

Please be sure to stay safe, WEAR YOUR MASK, and enjoy some delicious lobster from a Miami restaurant or shop local and prepare your own. Until we meet again!


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