South Beach Seafood Week       |       October 21 - 24, 2020       |       Miami Beach, Florida

South Beach Seafood Festival: In The Kitchen with Lobster Bar Sea Grille and Stacy Moya

Enjoy this In The Kitchen guest article by Best Food Miami‘s Stacy Moya who got ready for the South Beach Seafood Festival with Executive Chef Arturo Paz of Lobster Bar Sea Grille.

When I (Stacy Moya) heard that South of Fifth’s newcomer, Lobster Bar Sea Grille was participating in this year’s Sobe Seafood Fest, I had to learn more.

The South Beach Seafood Week is known as an upscale, VIP-style food experience, so it made sense that Lobster Bar Sea Grille would get involved with their South Beach location. Featuring 18 of South Florida’s premier seafood restaurants, Miami’s best seafood festival is upping its game with the addition of Chef Arturo Paz’s cuisine.

I couldn’t wait to meet Chef Arturo and hear his take on the hugely popular Lobster Bar Sea Grille concept from Buckhead Life Restaurant Group. With multiple locations (including Fort Lauderdale for our “northern” readers), this fine dining establishment is known for it’s fresh and flavorful take on all our favorite seafood dishes.

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Now, let’s learn about Chef! Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Chef Arturo came to the United States at 17 to study architecture at Cornell. Yes, you read that correctly; Lobster Bar Sea Grille’s talented and passionate Chef began his studies in the field of architecture.

He later transferred to the Tulane School of Architecture in New Orleans. There, he also took a job as a prep cook under chefs Emeril Lagasse and Jamie Shannon. Cutting his teeth in the culinary world under these two renowned Chefs surely had something to do with igniting the “chef” spark in him.

Even with this experience in the kitchen, Chef Arturo still earned his degree in architecture and even worked for an architectural firm in his early professional life. But, his passion for cooking was undeniable.

Eventually, he made a courageous career move and decided to return to school to hone his culinary skills. After leaving architecture, he moved to Miami and eventually graduated from the culinary institute of Johnson & Wales. He recounts his time there with great admiration.

“Chefs were coming from all over the nation. They were using ingredients that I grew up with but elevating them to the level of fine dining. It was incredibly eye-opening.”, Arturo states.

After having the pleasure of watching Chef prepare a meal in his kitchen and enjoying the incredible and delicious finished dish, I can say wholeheartedly that I am very grateful he followed his true passion and is now here in Miami for all of us to enjoy!
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Chef Arturo took me on a tour of the stunning Lobster Bar Sea Grille restaurant in South beach. It’s richly decorated in mahogany wood with beige upholstery and intricate New York subway tiles on the walls.

The kitchen area is equally as impressive! I was able to see Chef Arturo in action as he prepared a delicious Chili Lobster for me.

This dish is one full pound of shell off lobster on Texas toast with mild chili butter sauce and is pure perfection. I urge you to make a reservation at your earliest convenience with one goal: ordering the Chili Lobster.

Throughout our time together, I found out several interesting qualities about Chef Arturo, including:

  • He is very funny and entertaining! We had an amazing time in the kitchen and his passion for cooking shines brightly alongside a great sense of humor.
  • His favorite food to eat is Puerto Rican food because of his heritage, the flavors and textures.
  • Chef Arturo loves cooking with his family and concocting dishes out of whatever they can find at home.

This will be the first year that chef Arturo Paz and Lobster Bar Sea Grille will be participating in Sobe Seafood Fest. I am certain that he has something very special up his sleeve for attendees this year!

Get ready for Sobe Seafood Fest:

You can find a schedule of events as well as purchase tickets here.

Make sure you use code ‘BFM’ at checkout for 20% off!

See you there,

Stacy Moya
Best Food Miami

Editor’s Note: When it comes to creating Miami’s best seafood festivals, we know it’s our restaurants and their amazing Chefs that make South Beach Seafood Festival number one.

There’s just something about enjoying the very best of South Beach wine and food with your toes in the sand, music in your ears and open bar, right?

As Miami’s biggest seafood festival, we look forward to hosting all of our seafoodies for years to come! We can assure you, there is no better place to enjoy Miami’s best seafood restaurants all in one place.

We sincerely thank Chef Arturo Paz and Stacy Moya for sharing their time and passion.


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