South Beach Seafood Festival       |       October 19-22, 2022       |       Miami Beach, Florida

South Beach Seafood Festival: In The Kitchen with A Fish Called Avalon and Miami Times

Enjoy this In The Kitchen guest article by Miami Times who got ready for the South Beach Seafood Festival with Chef Kal Abdalla of A Fish Called Avalon.

South Beach Seafood Fest A Fish Called Avalon 1

We (Miami Times) had the pleasure of meeting and sitting down with Chef Kal Abdalla of A Fish Called Avalon, one of the 18 restaurants coming to the South Beach Seafood Festival on October 20, 2017.

Let’s just start by saying what an incredible experience! A native to the Syrian island known as Arwad, Chef Kal grew up appreciating Mediterranean cuisine. He loves being involved with Sobe Seafood Fest year after year because of the enthusiasm the event provides.

Chef is a very humble man and it took us about an hour to get him talking about himself! We wanted to know all about him and his incredible cuisine. The wait was well worth it! It turns out that throughout his culinary career, Chef Kal has won many awards, including winning “Best Steak in America” for example.

He may not want to brag, but we will do it on his behalf. In addition to being an incredible Chef, he has many talents and accomplishments.

Fun Facts about Chef Kal:

  • His culinary career commenced at the age of 18 and he has honed his passion for cuisine his entire life.
  • His professional career is impressive. He has worked on cruise lines all over the glove, The world-famous Forge Restaurant and even cooked for Ronald Reagan himself!
  • Chef Kal is also an artist, an athlete and a boxing historian. His second passion in life is certainly the sport of boxing.
  • He says of all his jobs and passions, the most important and fulfilling job is being a father.

When asked about his participation in the South Beach Seafood Festival, he mentioned that A Fish Called Avalon has participated every year. As a Chef, he looks forward to the opportunity to prepare fresh and flavorful dishes that people can’t usually find in a “festival” setting. He notes that Miami’s best seafood festival earns it’s title because producers encourage the Chefs to bring their best culinary creations to the beach.

Chef Kal noted that his favorite ingredient is lemon, for a simple yet sophisticated style. We know he has participated in the South Beach Seafood Festival for many years, and this year he’ll be at it again with one of his signature dishes known as “Bang Bang Shrimp”.

Unlike the fried foods you may be used to eating at festivals, Chef Kal assures us his dish is a departure from your “usual” expectations. While the recipe remains his secret, we enjoyed this dish and included a photo below that doesn’t begin to express the incredible flavor we experienced!

South Beach Seafood Fest A Fish Called Avalon 2

There’s much more than that coming to Miami’s largest Seafood Festival thanks to A Fish Called Avalon. Chef prepared so much for us, we can assure you his restaurant is one you won’t want to skip on October 21st.

Let’s talk about the endless list of dishes that exploded with flavor:

  • Baby Green Salad
  • Crispy Calamari
  • Macadamia-Crusted Snapper
  • Jumbo Shrimp Scamp
  • …and so much more!

Again, we must note that these photos cannot begin to scratch the surface of culinary delight we enjoyed. We urge you to visit Chef Kal and enjoy his dishes for yourself as soon as you can!

South Beach Seafood Fest A Fish Called Avalon 4

And….we can’t forget their one-of-a-kind Creme Brûlée:

His consistency and attention to detail is what has helped spark the restaurant’s growth; it’s one of the many reasons A Fish Called Avalon continues to be an all-time favorite.

In a fast growing city that has seen so many restaurants come and go, A Fish Called Avalon is here to stay celebrating 28 years of success. We can guarantee, they will continue surprising customers with exquisite dishes that will blow you away.

Be sure to find Chef Kal and the A Fish Called Avalon team at Saturday’s Main Event on October 21st: the South Beach Seafood Festival!

Use our code MIAMITIMES to save 20% on tickets:

You can find a schedule of events as well as purchase tickets here.

Until next time,

Miami Times

Editor’s Note: When we create and produce Miami’s best seafood festivals, we count on our participating Chefs and their restaurants. It goes without saying that their involvement is what makes South Beach Seafood Festival number one.

As Miami’s biggest seafood festival, we look forward to hosting all of our seafoodies for years to come! We can assure you, there is no better place to enjoy Miami’s best seafood restaurants all in one place.

There’s just something about enjoying the very best of South Beach wine and food with your toes in the sand, music in your ears and open bar, right?

We sincerely thank Chef Kal Abdalla and Miami Times for sharing their time and passion.

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